Google’s New Algorithm Takes Down 45% More Fake Reviews in 2023: What It Means for Businesses



In the realm of online business, reviews are gold. They can make or break a company’s reputation. However, not all reviews are genuine, and fake ones can tarnish a business’s credibility. In a bid to combat this, Google has rolled out a new algorithm designed to weed out fake reviews more effectively.

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Understanding Google’s New Review Algorithm:

Google’s latest algorithm is powered by machine learning, enabling it to swiftly detect and remove fake reviews from local listings on Google Search and Maps. By analyzing long-term signals such as repetitive review patterns or sudden spikes in ratings, the algorithm can identify suspicious activity with greater accuracy.

The Fight Against Review Spam:

With approximately 20 million daily contributions on Maps and Search, Google faces a constant influx of data, including reviews, photos, and updates. Despite the challenges, Google has made significant strides in combating review spam. In 2023 alone, the company blocked or removed over 170 million policy-violating reviews, marking a 45% increase from the previous year.

Impact on Businesses:

For businesses, the implications are significant. Fake reviews can mislead potential customers and damage the brand’s reputation. Google’s enhanced algorithm not only protects consumers from deceptive practices but also safeguards businesses from unfair competition tactics.

By removing fake reviews promptly, businesses can maintain their integrity and trustworthiness in the online marketplace.

Case Study:

One notable example is Google’s swift response to a surge in fake reviews related to a scam promising high-paying online tasks. The algorithm detected the suspicious activity, leading to the removal of 5 million fake review attempts within weeks. This proactive approach demonstrates Google’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its review system.

Metrics and Results:

Google’s efforts to combat review spam extend beyond fake reviews. In 2023, the company removed or blocked over 12 million fake business profiles and 14 million policy-violating videos. Additionally, Google thwarted over 2 million attempts to claim business profiles fraudulently. These metrics underscore Google’s dedication to creating a trustworthy online ecosystem.

The Continuous Battle Against Spam:

While Google’s algorithmic advancements have proven effective, the fight against spam remains ongoing. As Google implements new techniques to prevent spam, spammers continually adapt their strategies to evade detection.

It’s a cat-and-mouse game that underscores the importance of constant vigilance in maintaining the integrity of online platforms.


Google’s new review algorithm represents a significant step forward in the fight against fake reviews. By leveraging machine learning and long-term signals, Google can identify and remove fraudulent reviews more efficiently than ever before.

For businesses, this means greater protection against deceptive practices and a more trustworthy online environment. As Google continues to refine its algorithms, businesses can rest assured that their online reputations are in good hands.

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