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Reach potential customers precisely when they're actively searching on Google for the products or services you provide with the expertise of a PPC Agency In London. By utilizing Google AdWords, your advertisements can be displayed to users at the exact moment they are seeking recommendations on what to do, where to visit, or what to purchase. Whether individuals are browsing on their desktop or mobile devices, strategically timed ads have the potential to convert interested individuals into valuable customers. Our Google Ads specialists strategically time and display ads to convert interested individuals into valuable customers, whether they're browsing on desktop or mobile devices.

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PPC / Google Ads

Reach potential customers when they actively search for specific keywords related to your business. With search campaigns, your ads appear prominently on the search engine results page (SERP) above or below the organic search results. These text-based ads are highly targeted and can drive immediate traffic to your website.

Showcase your ads on websites across the Google Display Network, reaching a wide audience. Display campaigns utilize visually appealing banner or text ads that appear on various websites, mobile apps, and YouTube videos. This type of campaign allows you to raise brand awareness, increase visibility, and capture the attention of users.

Online Shopping Advertising Campaign London is a specialized advertising approach tailored for eCommerce businesses. It leverages product data feeds to highlight your products, featuring enticing images, competitive prices, and compelling descriptions. To execute this effective strategy, it is recommended to collaborate with PPC Marketing Agencies in London, well-versed in Google Shopping Advertising specifically designed for the UK market.

Video campaigns allow you to leverage the power of sight, sound, and motion to deliver compelling messages to your target audience. With options such as skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable ads, and bumper ads, you can tailor your video campaign to suit your marketing objectives and capture the attention of viewers in a visually engaging way.

App campaigns enable you to reach potential users while they are using other apps, browsing the Play Store, or searching on Google. By targeting specific audiences and utilizing relevant ad formats, such as app install ads or app engagement ads, you can effectively promote your app and encourage users to take desired actions, such as downloading, registering, or making in-app purchases.

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Expand online sales, bookings, or subscriptions to your mailing list by utilizing online advertisements that guide users to your website.


Enhance customer engagement by featuring your phone number and incorporating a click-to-call button in your advertisements, resulting in an increase in phone calls.


Attract a larger customer base to your physical location by utilizing business ads that assist individuals in locating your company on the map

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Whether you're looking to optimize an existing Google Advertising account or starting fresh, we as a Trusted PPC Agency in London, UK diligently adhere to a diverse range of best practices to ensure outstanding results.

Conduct keyword research to discover new opportunities for target phrases based on factors such as search volume, competition, budget, and desired visibility.

Create multiple advertisements for each ad group, including ad titles and descriptions, to build effective ad groups.

Determine budget and bidding strategy to optimize campaign performance.

Configure account settings to ensure efficient ad display and budget management.

Select a specific geographic target for each campaign.

Develop a list of negative keywords to prevent unqualified leads.

Set up performance targets, such as form submissions and call tracking, using conversion tracking.

Integrate Google Analytics, test conversion goals, track average ad placements, and ensure all keywords and ad content comply with Google's policies.

Review landing pages on your website and provide conversion optimization suggestions to drive leads when new visitors arrive.

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How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, allowing marketers to target specific keywords on Google and compete with others competing for the same keywords. You set maximum bids, indicating the highest amount you’re willing to pay for an ad.

There are three bidding options available:

Cost-per-click (CPC)

You pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Cost-per-Mile (CPM)

You pay per 1000 ad impressions.

Cost-per-engagement (CPE)

You pay when a user performs a specific action on your ad, such as signing up for a list or watching a video.

Google-Adwords agency in London,UK

To determine your ad’s position and cost, Google combines your bid with a quality assessment called the Quality Score. The Quality Score estimates the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher-quality ads can result in lower prices and better ad positions. Partnering with a trusted PPC Agency in London, UK can help optimize your shopping ads campaign, ensuring effective eCommerce marketing and maximizing results.